Country :


Canada, federated nation of North America, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean; on the north-east by Baffin Bay and Davis Strait, which separate it from Greenland; on the east by the Atlantic Ocean; on the south by the United States; and on the west by the Pacific Ocean and the US state of Alaska. It was formerly known as the Dominion of Canada. Occupying all of North America north of the conterminous United States, except Alaska, Greenland, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Islands.

General Information :

Largest Cities-Montreal,Calgary,Toronto
Language- English, French
Religions- 45% Roman Catholicism36% Protestantism, 19% Other
including Eastern Orthodoxy, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism

Culture :

The culture of the English-speaking Canadian people is a blend of British and American determines; that of the French-speaking people blends French and American determines. In general, the way of life, family structure, cuisine, and dress are closer to those of the United States than to those of Britain or France. Canada has become a cultural mosaic in which immigrant groups have been able to retain much of their ethnic culture.

Languages :

Canada is officially bilingual, and all services provided by the federal government are available in English and French. The selection of Ottawa as the national capital, located on the Ontario-Qu�bec border, reflects the long-standing political and cultural importance of the two founding nations. The 1996 census reported that only 1.7 % of Canadians don�t have at least some ability to speak one of the official languages; 18 % of Canadians are fluently bilingual. The majority speak English : 59% reported English as their mother tongue in 1996, while 24 % reported French and 16 % a nonofficial language. The most recent nonofficial languages in Canada are in order of prominence, Chinese, Italian, Punjabi, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

Government :

Canada is a constitutional monarchy with a federal system, a parliamentary government, and strong democratic traditions. The 1982 Charter of Rights guarantees basic rights in many areas. Queen Elizabeth II, as Queen of Canada, serves as a symbol of the nation's unity. She appoints a governor general, who serves as her representative in Canada, on the advice of the prime minister of Canada, usually for a 5-year term. The prime minister is the leader of the political party in power and is the head of the cabinet.


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