Country :


Australia has a very dramatic landscape. Australia is famous for its "outback," the remote lands of the interior.
The desert outback covers most of the interior. It is too hot, dry and barren to support many people.
Eastern Australia has large areas of grasslands, used primarily for sheep and cattle ranches.
Australia also has some mountainous areas and plateaus scattered throughout the country. The Blue Mountains, on the south-eastern end of Australia, get their name from the blue haze caused by oil droplets given off from the eucalyptus trees.

General Information :

Population: 17.5 million
Geographic size: 2.97 million square miles
Capital: Canberra
Major cities and population: Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide

Religion :

26% Roman Catholic, 26% Anglican, 24% other Christian, 24% Buddhims, Judaism and Islam and other.
All this can be enjoyed in a land of natural beauty with a palette of warm oranges and golds, vivid reds, crystal greens and clear blues.

Languages :

English is the official language. Other native languages are also known by many Australians.